New Corn Hybrid Highlights for 2022

General Information

Here at PRIDE Seeds we are always excited to showcase the newest in corn genetics in an effort to keep our producers on the cutting edge. Yield performance, stability, and strong agronomics all rank at the top of our list when evaluating a potential commercial addition. We wanted to take a moment to highlight our new commercial hybrids for the 2022 year, all of which met these standards

A3979 G2 RIB (2025 CHU)

An option for growers in an ultra-early maturity zone on rotated ground. This hybrid’s early flowering and finish allow producers to maximize yield in a shorter growing window. An ideal plant population for this hybrid falls within the 30-36,000 plants/acre range. This hybrid shows promise when placed in poor conditions between its strong emergence and seedling vigor plus strong leaf disease rating. A low set ear, very good stalk strength, excellent root strength plus excellent test weight all add up to make this product a leader in its maturity zone.

A4323 G2 RIB (2200 CHU)

This new product’s very good seedling vigor and emergence pair up to create an impressive stand establishment. Its fixed ear structure allows for consistent ear girth and length, plan to plant between 32-36,000 plants per acre. Although it needs to be placed on rotated ground it is a strong choice for fields with a history of Goss’s wilt pressure. Rapid dry down allows for a timely harvest. An ideal choice for the primary and northern part of its maturity. A flared husk and excellent gibberella ear mould rating top this hybrid off to make it an all-around standout in its maturity zone.

A5959 G2 RIB (2725 CHU)

A true “top of its weight class” product. A strong companion to A5914G2 with better emergence and top-end yield. A product for every producer looking to plant a 2725CHU hybrid thanks to its versatile fit across many soil types and management styles. Excellent stalk and root strength plus very good stay green all add up to give this product a flexible harvest window late into the season. Although considered a semi-flex hybrid, A5959G2 features a large ear with consistent uniformity. A planting population of 32-36,000 on rotated ground is considered ideal. When you pair top-end yield in high-performance environments with defensive agronomics in stressed situations you get A5959G2.

A5929 (2750 CHU)

This new dual-purpose conventional hybrid for grain and silage brings flexibility to our PRIDE Seeds growers. This hybrid boasts a consistent heavy ear with deep-packed kernels. With excellent ratings across emergence, spring vigour, stalk and root strength and drought tolerance, this hybrid should have a place on any producer’s farm looking for a 2750 CHU conventional hybrid. With a semi-flex ear this hybrid’s ideal planting population lies between 32-36,000 plants per acre. An earlier flowering on this hybrid allows for placement further north in the zone. Adequate husk coverage that senesces and loosens during drydown. A5929 will take advantage and pack on yield when placed in a high-yielding environment.

A6929 G4 RIB (3000 CHU)

A unique product in many ways, A6929G4 brings some exciting characteristics to the table. Featuring the G4 or Trecepta®️ trait, this product provides above-ground protection plus protection from western bean cutworm. In addition to this exciting trait offering, it also offers top-end yield that, when placed in a highly managed system, stretches beyond 3000 CHU hybrid expectations. A later flowering paired with rapid dry down puts this hybrid right in check as a 99-day relative maturity option. A6929G4 will respond well to management, placing it in highly productive systems is important to its success. Also, being a flex style ear, high populations are not needed to achieve top yield. An ideal planting population for this hybrid lies between 30-34,000 plants per acre. To top it off, this hybrid can also be used as a dual-purpose option for silage thanks to its tall plant stature and packed ear.